is the leading producer in confections and metal constructions in Oradea, both for industrial work and for personal use.

Our company manufactures metal articles, metal confections, wrought iron pieces, terraces coatings, metal stairs, tables, industrial and commercial furniture exhibition. We perform repairs to machinery like excavators, tractors, etc.

We guarantee our product quality, thanks to the experience we have, since 1985, as well as logistics and accounting staff giving great value.

NEW!!! From now on, you find welding aluminum at FEROX!


Address: Oradea,     Bd. Decebal nr. 32, 410189

Phone:    0259433416 0359318900 0722989926 0722375652

Email: office@ferox.ro feroxro@gmail.com

  • Products offered:

  • piping
  • metal shelves
  • gates, fences, bars
  • indoor and outdoor stairs
  • metal walkways
  • tables and chairs
  • display stands shops
  • billboards
  • garages, barn
  • turning works
  • traffic signs and poles for signs and traffic lights
  • wrought iron products: gates, beds, bedside tables, shelves

~~~ NEW!!! ~~~ Aluminum welding